The Wales Sportive EVENT WITHDRAWN

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about The Wales Sportive? No problem – simply look through our frequently asked questions below, and hopefully you’ll find the info you need.

General FAQs

Do I have to be a member of a club to enter?

 No - The Wales Sportive is open to all club and non-club cyclists.

Will there be timing chips?

Yes - it needs to be worn on the left-hand side of your helmet and will be issued at Registration. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - your tag will not work if placed on carbon fibre; if you have a carbon fibre helmet or the part of your helmet you are attaching the tag to is made of carbon fibre you will need to report to registration to obtain a seat label.

Can I Transfer, Defer or Refund My Entry?

Please see for all answers regarding transfer, deferrals and refunds.

How can I register for the event?

Simply go to the registration page by clicking here entering online via Active.  We do not accept paper entries.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes there are.  You must be 14 years or over to compete in the 42 mile distance, 16 years or over to compete in the 70 mile distance, and 18 years or over to compete in the 112 mile distance.


Can someone else register me?

No, you MUST register yourself with photographic ID. For registration opening times please refer to 

When is the closing date for registration?

The closing date for the event will be as close to the event as possible, in order to make final event arrangements.  This date will be published closer to the time, but as an estimate, last year, registration closed 4 weeks prior to the event.

How do I know if my entry has been successful?

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of entering.  If you don't receive a confirmation email, please firstly check your junk mail folder.  If you have any concerns regarding your entry please email us at

Are there official photographers?

Yes Finisherpix are the official photographers at this event.  You can pre-order photos when you register, or purchase photos after the event from Finisherpix.  Please note, with over 10,000 athletes competing, it can take up to two weeks for Finisherpix to sort through all photos.  If you have any queries please contact Finisherpix.

What time does registration open?

Registration will be held in Tenby Leisure Centre.  For opening times please refer to

Is there an expo?

The Wales Triathlon Show will be open at Tenby Leisure Centre on:

Thursday 2nd July 2020 from 3pm-8pm

Friday 3rd July 2020 from 10am - 8pm

Saturday 4th July 2020 from 9am - 1pm

Bike and equipment FAQs

Can I use Tri Bars (aerobars)?

Tri Bars will NOT BE ALLOWED on course


Do I need a specific type of bike?

You can use any bike that is roadworthy and complies with the British Triathlon Federation rules.  However you MUST NOT use electric bikes or tandems.  We recommend using a road bike.


What is better about a road bike?

To be blunt, what isn't better?  Road bikes are exactly that, bikes which are designed for use on the road.  They typically feature a more aggressive racing position, a high saddle and dropped handlebars, that encourage a more aerodynamic posture with more weight over the front of the bike for more power.  A stiff, rigid frame reduces energy loss to suspension and ensures maximum energy is transferred from you to the wheels.  A gear ratio designed with high-power cycling in mind means you can put down power at close-to-speed.  If you were racing a downhill slope style race, you wouldn't use a road bike, so similarly when cycling on roads, you wouldn't use a full-suspension rock chomper capable of tackling the Grand Canyon!

Do I need a specific helmet?

Your helmet must meet the British Triathlon specifications of ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B90, EN 1078.  A "CE" mark is not an approved mark and is not acceptable.  The helmet must not have any cracks in it and the strap must be in good working order.

Where do I have to apply the bike and helmet stickers?

You must apply one sticker on your bike seat post and one on the front of your helmet.

Course FAQs

What support is available out on course?

There will be mechanical back-up and medical back-up in the form of sweep vehicles.  You will be given phone numbers for both mechanics and medics in the event pack.  It is highly recommended you save these numbers in your phone before starting the event, in case of emergency.

Is drafting permitted during the race?

Drafting will be permitted for those cyclists WITHOUT tri bars.  This will be policed on course. Any cyclists found drafting with tri bars will be DISQUALIFIED.  For further information on race rules please go to

How is the start organised?

For information on start times? Please go to

Is there a cut off time?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have a maximum of 6 hours to complete the course.  There is a cut-off time of 1:00pm for the first lap, so your start time will dictate how much time you have.  The overall cut-off for the sportive is 5pm.  For more information regarding ability and speed, please refer to

Will there be Drink/Feed stations on the route?

Yes - there are three stations which are self service in Lamphey, Tenby and a third location yet to be confirmed.

However, if you would like to carry any energy gels to keep you going, please feel free to do so. All cyclists must carry 2 water bottles.

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