The Wales Sportive Saturday, July 6, 2019
Event Rules

Event Rules

The Wales Sportive

Course rules

1.1          Only athletes registered for the event are permitted on the course.

1.2          Any unregistered riders caught on the course will be removed from the course.

1.3          All registered athletes riding with unregistered riders will be DISQUALIFIED but allowed to complete the lap.

1.4          Any athlete who falls behind the re-opening of the road restrictions will be counted as a DNF (did not finish) and a sweep vehicle will collect you.

Road Use

2.1          Cyclists MUST keep to the left of the white lines (where present), unless overtaking.

2.2          Cyclists MUST communicate clearly with fellow athletes when overtaking.

2.3          You MUST ride within the conditions of the road and take due care.

2.4          You MUST be aware of pot holes.

2.5          You MUST ride within your own ability.  DO NOT get caught up in race excitement!

Tri Bars (Aerobars)

3.1          If you are planning to ride in a peloton you MUST NOT have Tri Bars (aerobars) on your bike, you MUST have a road bike.

3.2            Athletes using TT bikes or those who choose to use Tri Bars MUST comply with the non-drafting rules and start in a separate wave.  Race officials will be course to ensure these rules are complied with at all times.  Any athlete found drafting or in a peloton with Tri Bars will be DISQUALIFIED.

Ability and speeds

4.1          To compete in the 112 mile distance race, you MUST be cycling at least 12.5mph to meet the cut off times for lap one, and the overall cut off.

4.2          To compete in the 70 mile distance you MUST be cycling at least 9pmh to meet the cut off time.

4.3          To compete in the 42 mile distance you MUST be cycling at least 8mph to meet the cut off time.

4.4          If using Tri Bars or a TT bike you must be cycling at least 16mph in order to meet the cut-off times.

4.5          If you cannot maintain these average speeds we strongly advise that you move down a distance to ensure you meet the cut-offs. 

Bike Specification

5.1          You can use any bike that is roadworthy which complies with the British Triathlon Federation rules.

5.2          You MUST NOT use electric bikes or tandems.  We recommend using a road bike.

Helmet Specification

6.1          Your helmet must meet the British Triathlon specifications of ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B90, EN 1078. A “CE” mark is not an approved mark and is not acceptable. 

6.2          The helmet must not have any cracks in it and the strap must be in good working order and securely fastened.

Race Numbers

7.1          You MUST apply one sticker on your bike post and one on the front of your helmet.

7.2          Your race bib must be applied to your back and be clearly visible at ALL times.

Clothing and additional Equipment

8.1          You MUST NOT wear clothing with your torso exposed.

8.2          All athletes must carry two water bottles.

8.3          Athletes are NOT PERMITTED to wear headphones, headsets or technical earplugs or any other listening device.

8.3          Athletes MUST NOT use glass containers.

8.4          Athletes MUST NOT use personal recording devices.

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