Frequently Asked Questions

The Wales Sportive - FAQ's

Please note - photographic identification will be required at registration. Athletes without this may not be registered by the start time of the event.

Q: What support will be available to the riders around the course?
A: There will be mechanical back-up and medical back-up. There will also be food/water stations on the course. To view the route and find information about the location of these stations, please click here.
Q: Is there a minimum age to enter The Wales Sportive?
A: Any age limit is restricted to the distance of the course: 45m - 14+, 66m - 16+, 110m - 18+.

However, all riders under 16 must have that form completed AND be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian (maximum of 2 under 16's per adult).
Q: Is the event going to be timed using timing chips?
A: Even though the event is not a race, there will however be timing chips so athletes can see their times. The chip must be clipped onto the frame of your bike during the event - for more info, please download the event pack here.